In Somerset just a few miles from Glastonbury lies so called ‘Cadbury Castle'. Cadbury Castle is a (human made) hill which has been the foundation for some villages and fortresses throughout the history of mankind. The earliest remains date back from iron age1 .

Cadbury Castle is called Camelot (in the story also called Camallate) for the first time by John Leland in 1542:

“At the very south end of the church of South-Cadbyri standeth Camallate, sometime a famous town or castle . . . The people can tell nothing there but that they have heard Arthur much resorted to Camalat."

But unfortunately Leland's main source for this story were local legends. So his ideas weren't very convincing.

It was already known that Cadbury Castle was a pretty important stronghold for the Romans but archeological investigations in the 60's showed that just after the Romans had left Britain Cadbury Castle was rebuild again. When the remains were compared with other remains of castles from that period it became clear that Cadbury Castle was build by a king.

Cadbury Castle probably went out of use in the early 7 th century.

So, there is some evidence that Camelot could have been at Cadbury Castle, but it could have been the stronghold of another 6 th century king just as well.