Caerwent, also called the Welsh Winchester, is a small village in Wales located on a crossing of some Roman main roads.

Some people believe that Caerwent is the Welsh name for Camelot so that is already a good reason to think of Caerwent as the real Camelot. But there is more reason to believe that Caerwent was the location of Camelot.

Malory, who could have confused Caerwent with Caerwynt, wrote that twelve of Arthur's defeated enemies were buried in of St. Stephen's church in Camelot and that Arthur and Guinevere also got married in that same church. 1

There isn't a known St. Stephen's church in Winchester, but there is in Caerwent.

Modern archeological investigation showed that there was a graveyard in Caerwent that was used from the 5 th till the 7 th century.

However, there is evidence that Caradog Freichfras ruled over Caerwent2. In the Vulgate Cycle and Malory's le mort d'Arthur Caradog is one of Uther's warriors. In other welsh texts he is said to be a king with his stronghold at Caerwent.

There isn't real evidence that Caerwent really is or isn't the original location of Camelot, but it's probably not