The perfect city of the perfect king. Geoffrey Monmouth already mentioned ‘the city of legions' as King Arthur's stronghold. Chetrien de Troyes was the first one to call this city by it's famous name: Camelot.

Camelot was supposed to be the perfect city, everybody was healthy, well fed and most important of all happy and always loyal too their king. Camelot was also the shelter for the great round table where Arthur and his knight sat and discussed. The round table is also seen as the symbol of Camelot because everyone who sat at that table was equal, even without the exception of King Arthur himself. Everyone who lived in Camelot was equal.

It's a beautiful idea but did Camelot really exist? And if it did exist what was the location?

There are a lot of places called possible Camelot's. We are going to discuss four of the most likely locations: