Geoffrey of Monmouth

Arthur was Uther Pendragon's son, one of the rulers of a strongly divided England, and Igraine. Uther died in batlefied, where he tried to unite England under one king. Right after that the magician Merlin took Arthur to the court of someone who belonged to the nobility. Arthur could grow up safely.

Without a king Great Britain was really troubled. Merlin placed on the gravecourtyard of London a stone with an anvil and in it a sword. He said that the person who could pull the sword out of the stone, was the rightful king. A lot of people of nobility tried, but none of them succeeded.

One day the young Arthur needed to get a sword, because the shield-bearer had forgotten it. He couldn't find a sword, but then he saw the sword in the stone. Without any trouble he pulled the sword out of the stone and he became the rightful king.

Lots of people didn't believe in Arthur as a King and the land was still divided in the beginning of Arthurs reign. Arthur defeated his opponents and he built Camelot. When Arthur broke his sword in one of his battles, he asked for a new sword. The Lady of the Lake gave Excalibur to him. If he had Excalibur in his possession he couldn't get hurt.

Arthur married the beautiful Guinevere and got as a wedding present the round table. He considered this to be the centre of his power. At the table there was room for 12 knights. A few fames names are Lancelot, Galahaid, Gawain and Pellinore. No one was on the head of the table, which meant that everybody was even and everybody could be heard. Because of the Round Table England could be defended against the Saxons. However, the most important quest of the Round Table was the search for the Holy grail. Lancelot was the first knight, which made him the patron of the queen.

But Lancelot was more than just the patron of the queen. He and Guinevere had a secret affair. This happened when Arthur was on a mission and the queen and Lancelot spend a lot of time together. They felt in love. Arthur found out about there love and he decided that he needed to treat Guinevere as any other. She had to be burned at the stake.

Morgana, Arthur's half sister, would bring Arthur down in the end. By using a list she got pregnant by Arthur. Her son, Mordred, was raised by Mrogana in the reading of the druids. The boy hated Arthur and he unchained a war. Mordred took the power, when Arthur was in Britanny. Arthur returned and confronted Mordred. In the battle of Camlan, Arthur kills Mordred, but gets mortally wounded. Arthur went to Avalon to die there. The end of the legend says that Arthur promises to return again, when England is in trouble. He is the once and future king1 .