Glastonbury has been connected with Arthur a lot of times, but not always directly as Avalon. In the life of st.Gildas Glastonbury is the place where a evil king, who kidnapped Guinevere, is settled when Arthur comes to safe her1.

Let's have a look at the connections between Avalon and Glastonbury.

First of all Avalon is an island and Glastonbury isn't, but in the 6 th century Glastonbury was. The hill in Glastonbury has always been known as a spiritual place and a door between this world and another spiritual world for the Celts.

Avalon is known as the island of apples. Glastonbury is also known for it's apples.

Location wise, Glastonbury could be Avalon because it is set near by the other locations which are linked to the story of King Arthur.

Glastonbury is also known for the gravestone of Arthur and his wife, but this turned out to be a trick of the monks of the Glastonbury abbey to get more money. So that wasn't real.

When you look at the facts, Glastonbury could be Avalon. However, there isn't much evidence to know for sure.