Guinevere is Arthur's wife. She already appears in one of the first stories of King Arthur and never left. She is most famous for her beauty and her affair with Lancelot.

Guinevere in the tales

In the 6 th century the monk Caradoc wrote the tale the life of St Gildas. This story tells about Guinevere who was kidnapped by the evil king Melwas and Arthur who searched for her for over a year. When Arthur found out that Guinevere is kept at Glastonbury he raised his army and traveled there to save her. When he arrived Melwas was ready for a battle, but Gildas the wise stood between them and told not to fight and that the evil king should return Guinevere to Arthur.

In the history of the kings of Britain (12 th century) Arthur married Guinevere after defeating the Saxons. Later on, when Arthur was fighting in France, Mordred, Arthur's nephew, took the throne and married Guinevere. It isn't really clear if she married him willingly or not.

In Chretien's Lancelot (late 12 th century) Guinevere is connected with Lancelot for the first time. Guinevere had to be saved again, but this time by Lancelot. This story is the one where all the tales of their unfortunate love are based on.

The Vulgate Cycle (13 th century) tells the story of the real and fake Guinevere's who are confused with each other by Arthur as a result of magic spell cased by his enemy, Queen Morgan le Fay1.

Guinevere's life2

There isn't much known of Guinevere's life besides that she married Arthur and had an affair with Lancelot. There are different stories about Guinevere's parents, but they all say that she belonged to the nobility.

Guinevere is often related to the Round Table, because Arthur got it as a wedding gift and the table ‘broke' when he found out that she had an affair with Lancelot.

When Arthur fights his last battle, Guinevere fled to the abbey of Caerleon and became a nun. With the reveling of the affair of her and Lancelot and Arthur's death, their relationship ended.